Outside In
November 4, 2018 by Tammy Adereti

In today’s world, productivity is more important than ever, especially in the face of distractions from social media platforms. What your business may take for granted is the value of comfort and the effect a lack of can have on productivity. People feel the most productive when they’re in the zone, when they feel comfortable and everything else falls away.

According to several research studies, three simple things — plants, lighting, and temperature — help increase comfort and productivity in the workplace. The underlying idea is that nature causes a positive reaction in the body. For example, the American Psychological Association found that workers in spaces with plants showed a 15 percent higher productivity, while a team of researchers from Harvard and two New York universities found the healthier air created by the plants effected cognitive functioning.
Even the actions that are second nature to us can change the way we work. Like flipping the light switch. A study analyzing lighting conditions in the workplace found that simulating daylight over the use of electric light improved both alertness and mood over an afternoon. To replicate this, offices should use softer, natural-toned lightbulbs.

Finally, in the fight over temperature control research shows that the best range for overall productivity in both men and women is 68-77 degrees Fahrenheit (Cornell University; Lawrence Berkeley National Lab). Temperature affects circadian rhythms, which affects feelings of alertness or tiredness and can cause fluctuations in accuracy and productivity. Implementing these three changes can replicate the positive aspects of an outdoor environment causing a noticeably constructive reaction in employees, benefiting both them and the business.

Research into comfort in the workplace is a priority for Airspace. Everything we have learned and continue to learn directly affects the way we design and manage our offices and the tech-enabled solutions we invest in. Our spaces are designed with unobstructed windows for direct sunlight, with white-light (or natural) lightbulbs and a variety of plants throughout. When it comes to temperature, the Airspace application temperature voting feature aggregates input to set the office temperature at the right level based on direct input from employees. You can be sure that when you find yourself in an Airspace office, it is meticulously designed and managed with your comfort in mind.

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