Airspace Office App™

Everything your team needs to engage with your office.

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Mobile First

Mobile first design built to reduce clutter and be easy to use on the go from your team's mobile devices and tablets.

One Interface

Don't confuse your employees with fragmented tools. The Office App combines everything your employees need to interact with the office in one place.


The Airspace Office App helps you understand their employee needs and adjust office services and amenities based on actionable insights.

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One Platform. Lots of Power.

We heard you: putting expensive tablets outside every conference room to having many apps for every small thing is not fun. No more!

The Airspace Office App™ combines all these tools into one interface, giving your employees everything they need to engage with the office and get work done.

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Reserve Rooms & Desks

Browse all availability conference rooms and hot desks from your mobile device easily. Invite colleagues to conference room reservations, and add the reservation to everyone's calendars.

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Submit Service Requests

Desk light out? Door won't lock? Submit service requests around the office in just a few taps. The auto-routing feature automatically notifies the appropriate office admins whenever a request is created. For example, all IT requests can automatically go to the office's IT specialist.

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Register & Manage Guests

The Airspace Office App allows anyone to register guests. Every guests receives an email with visit details and office directions. Once they arrive, guests can self check-in and their host will be notified.

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Manage Events + Make Announcements

Let everyone know about the upcoming go-live, happy hour, and lunch-n-learn in one place. Also, send general announcements to everyone in your office.

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