Move Out of Mundane
November 28, 2018 by Tammy Adereti

When people think of an office space, most are picturing the same thing. Blacks, greys, whites. Sharp, straight edges. Maybe a wood finishing or two. And the only pop of color is on the company logo.

If you want to increase the motivation of your workers, consider redefining the way people think of your office space. Studies have shown that a touch of color can cause a psychological reaction that can alter a person’s performance. Red has been shown to increase performances related to detail-oriented tasks, while blues and greens enhance creative tasks. However, researchers do caution the use of color by encouraging an attentiveness to cultural perceptions. For instance, in Western cultures, blue can indicate water or the feeling or calmness, while yellow indicates happiness. These color associations can bolster or dampen the general psychological effects because they cue reactions and feelings.

While you’re repainting, you may also want to bring in new furniture. According to a 2011 study by researchers from Oregon State University, curvilinear layouts and furniture increase positive emotions, creativity, and productivity. The curved surfaces struck audiences as more pleasing or inviting, and further research showed that it triggered the reward and aesthetic receptors in the brain. These studies suggest that people feel more at ease in this environment, which allows a level of comfort that can help your employees focus more easily on the tasks in front of them.

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