The "office level" amenity

In an Airspace office building, tenants receive personal hospitality and a seamless private office experience powered by technology.

Become a Partner

Attract Tenants

Differentiate your property by giving tenants full-service office solutions that elevate their experience.

Retain Existing Tenants

Create an unrivaled full-service tenant experience that becomes crucial to your tenants' success and drives tenant satisfaction.

Higher Quality Tenants

From Fortune 500 organizations to established start-ups, everyone is looking for full-service office solutions.

Secure Your Asset's Value

Modernize your property & differentiate it from others by bringing tenant-focused solutions that put your tenants' needs and experiences first.

Understand Your Tenants

Our focus is on building human-focused relationships with tenants. This hospitality coupled with our powerful office app gives us an unmatched understanding of your tenants' needs - even as they change.

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Technology Meets Hospitality

We Integrate our powerful platform with real people that are dedicated to your tenants & their office needs, helping them operate their spaces so that they can focus on their business. We make it a point to:

 Understand your tenant's business & needs

 Be your tenant's point of contact for questions & support

 Regularly meet with your tenants

 Conduct routine quality & inventory checks

 Anticipate & resolve issues

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The private office as we know it does not meet the needs of the current workforce and the companies who attract them. The workplace is no longer the space for just work but the place for a better experience: to learn, innovate, and build value. We curate private offices that go beyond just space with unmatched services and amenities, and an eye for community.

Add Airspace to Your Property

Add Airspace to your property